Monday, 6 September 2010

Slimming World for Quentin

Having had some chest pains recently I now realise that I have maxed out out my weight, and need to do something about it (like my smoking (now 1 and a half years!)) I joined slimming world last week and lost 5.5lbs in my first week. Weigh in day is tuesday night. Mark also gave me a really useful calorie app which I follow and this is helping.

We also have now all got bikes and have been cycling every day this week - we all seem to be enjoying it as well. We might have got the bug!

Anyhow I started at a massive 22st and 3lbs. Jeremy has also joined weightwatchers - and we are trying to win against each other in a competition - whoever looses the most weight by our next Spanish Golf trip in February 2011 takes the other out for a gourmet meal. SO the race is on, and so far it's neck and neck!

Here I am at my biggest. This picture was taken by Charlotte when we went to the Wye Valley on a weekend away camping, cycling and canoeing - the cycling we did got me back onto a bike back at home as we both loved it so much. We hired a bike for me from Pedal a bike away

We used this weekend as one to start things off and not let my weight get any worse than it was. Kids....always the best help and surprise you with how helpful they can be!.

Here are some of the pictures of the trip - we stayed at a local farm campsite, where we took our small 2 man Vango Omega  tent.


  1. The picture of Charlotte on her bike on a cycle path was taken just outside of Monmouth. I know this because i stayed just along from there at scout camp this summer and I cycled along there too!!

  2. Oh, and if you are getting the cycling bug you need to talk to colin... he might set you a challenge as he's just completed a 78 mile ride in one day for help the heroes charity and now wants to do more events!!

  3. That is correct 0 it is a Sustrans cycleway called peregrin way I think